The planned coverage has been carefully designed to fully harness the maximum potential of the locality zone. It is surrounded by greenery and is located at the very edge of the construction area – on the east, north and west side there is a green zone and no construction is allowed. The buildings are positioned in a displaced line on a sloped terrain so that each building and each apartment would have an unobstructed view of the sea and the islands.

The buildings on the east line have an unobstructed view directed towards the southeast, where you can see the panorama of Pašman Channel, Vrgada and Murter archipelago over Biograd. The buildings on the west line have an unobstructed view directed towards the northwest where you can see the marvellous Pašman Channel with all of its islands over Turanj. Each building has a parcel characterised by a large and airy green area and traditional greenery.



Our interior designers have prepared this design proposal to draw the look of BELVEDERE apartments close to you. In this way you can easily visualize life in your new home.
Look into the interior of the apartments so you could easily plan the look of your future home.
To learn as many necessary information as you need, you can see the status and details of each apartment by simply moving the mouse pointer to each of them.


Sveti Filip i Jakov is the central town of the eponymous Municipality. The town is surrounded by beaches, olive groves and vineyards, walking and biking trails. It has its own tourist infirmary, pharmacy and post office. There are beautiful small coves on nearby islands in the clear sea of the Pašman Channel.
The buildings of ‘Belvedere Invest’ are only 500 meters away from the sea (beach), and 900 meters from the town centre and the waterfront, the promenade along the coast, which you can reach in less than 10 minutes of slow walk.
– Accessibility of the town: first exit to the motorway is less than 20 km away, by plane: Zadar-25 km and Split-120 km); by bus: numerous bus lines from Biograd and Zadar; – there is a comprehensive health care: emergency medical service, hospital in Zadar with specialist services for children and adults.
– Excursion options – by sea: National Park Kornati and Nature Park Telašćica; and by land: Nature Park Velebit and Paklenica and numerous historical sites.